When talking about pieces of an app, it is important that we all use the same vocabulary. Hopefully, this will help you throughout the documentation if we both understand it.
Lookout – The Lookout is the person who is on the outside of the school and communicates the order of the cars or drivers to the inside of the school. They start at the beginning of the carline and scan the Driver Tags of each car. When a Driver Tag is scanned, or code entered, an image of the driver will appear on the Lookout’s screen. A list of the students that the driver is allowed to pick up will appear too. The Lookout will select the students that the driver is picking up. Once the Lookout has selected the students, they are called on the Announcer screen.
Announcer – As the lookout selects the students, that information is shown inside. The student name and slot number show up on the screen. This is done in the order of the cars and it tells the student exactly where to meet their driver. This allows teachers to dismiss students from wherever they are.
Usher – Once the students are outside, they will meet the Usher. This person makes sure each child is safely in their car. On their screen, they check that the student has left. This leaves a timestamp of who picked up each child. If there is more than one Usher, there is a filter feature. This allows the Usher to view only the slots they are in charge of!
Slots – Slots are the spots where children actually meet their parents. Some schools already have slots. Some are color-coded, some are numbered.
Batches – The group of students and drivers who will be loaded at the same time in their allotted slots. For example: If you have 4 slots, you will have 4 students being loaded in their cars at one time. They are considered a Batch.
Lanes - The rows or carline where drivers can pull their cars to pick up the students.
Flash Message – A message at the top of your screen (in our app, it is either purple or red) that confirms your action.
Driver Tag – The printed piece of paper drivers carry in their car, that has a QR code, Driver code, and other identifying information.
Driver Tag
Driver Code – The four-digit unique identifier for each driver. In the new model, this can be used for manual entry instead of scanning a QR code.
Driver Code is Highlighted
Limited Access (Driver Access) – These drivers can only pick up the student, they will not have access to any other data. They are the extra drivers who do not need student data information but need to pick up the student
Full Access (Driver Access) – These drivers will be able to view the student’s past pickups, and they will be able to submit requests to add/remove other drivers for the student. They are typically the primary caregivers.
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