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Let's put our best foot forward!

Welcome to the Family

We are excited to have you join our community. We wanted to give you a roadmap of the journey we are about to embark on together. This will look different for every school, so feel free to help us along with the wording and goals you have for your school!


Data and Users

Data is our most important tool. We need to make sure that we get that information from you to make sure your transition goes smoothly.

  • It all starts with the students! Everything is connected to them, here is a template of what we need from you. You should be able to export this from your student information system. Once you export this, put the information in our data form,, and send it to us. Feel free to contact us with questions!

Student Name

Student Unique ID

Driver Name

Driver 1 Email

Driver 1 Phone

Driver 1 Full Access

Driver 2 Name

Driver 2 Email

Driver 2 Phone

Driver 2 Full Access

Driver 3 Name

Driver 3 Email

Driver 3 Phone

Driver 3 Full Access






[email protected]





[email protected]





[email protected]



  • Driver Access

    • Full Access: These drivers will be able to view the student's past pickups, and they will be able to submit requests to add/remove other drivers for the student. They are typically the primary caregivers.

    • Limited Access: These drivers can only pick up the student, they will not have access to any other data. They are the extra drivers who do not need student data information but need to pick up the student.

    • For Full Access put “true” in the cell. For limited access put “false” in the cell.

  • Once we have that information, we will input it in our system, then:

    • We will sit down with your carpool admin and discuss carpooling students.

    • We will sit down and discuss how you want to handle communication with parents/drivers and staff. (emails, training, etc.)

  • Next, we will focus on the user information.

    • Permissions

      • Admin: Admins can invite and manage users, and manage students and driver accounts and information. They can also do everything facilitators can.

      • Facilitator: Facilitators run the show. They are the Lookouts and the Ushers.

      • Read-only: Read-only users can only view the Announcer screen.

    • We usually get 1 school-wide email that we can use for our “Read-Only” login.

      • This is something that your teachers will leave for subs, volunteers, etc.

    • We need the email addresses of your Facilitators.

    • We will need the email addresses of your Pickup Admins.

      • This is usually your principal, AP, secretary, and carpool manager.

Administrative Duties

  • Check student data! Our system will have your information in it, but it is always good to check for things like:

    • Driver changes are updated (This happens all the time, so let’s make sure it is updated since you have given us the information.)

    • New student information is in our system. (Have you enrolled any new students since you have given us the information? Let’s make sure those new students are in Pickup.)

  • Pass out materials

    • Drivers will have a driver ID. This will have their QR code, as well as a driver code on it. You can choose to send these home with your students, or pass them out at the parent information session you are holding with Pickup.

  • Driver Pictures

    • Let’s think about how we are going to get your driver pictures in the system. Some schools take their pictures at an information night and have it when they pass out their Driver IDs. Some schools already have parent pictures in a system, so they just need to add it to ours. Feel free to brainstorm with us and your staff for ideas.


Communication is what we are all about! We want to make sure we communicate with parents and staff because we want them to know about the safety of their kids. Emails can look something like this:

Dear Parents and Staff,

We are excited to announce that we are implementing a new student dismissal program. This dismissal program will help us reach our goal of ensuring the safety of our students, communication during the dismissal, and making our carpool line run more efficiently. We know that you want our carline to run smoothly, and so do we! The app is called Pickup, and its website is We encourage you to attend our carpool meeting for more information. We are thankful for great families and support, and we thank you for your cooperation!


Staff training should look something like this:

  • Entire School

    • Go over our website, our why, and vision for safety

    • Go over how to log in

    • Answer broad questions

  • Facilitators

    • Go over how to log in

    • The different parts of dismissal

    • Run through a practice trial

    • Answer questions

  • Administrators

    • Go over how to log in

    • In-depth discussion of data

      • How to find data

      • How to change data

  • Parents

    • Go over our website, our why, and vision for safety

    • Take any pictures to put in our system - optional

    • Answer broad questions

    • Go over Driver Portal

      • Discuss Requests

      • Discuss Pictures

      • Discuss Access


  • Parents pull up to the designated carline area and start to line up.

  • The Lookout goes outside and starts at the first car to enter in the driver code or scan the QR code.

    • The Lookout sees who the driver is and selects their name.

      • What if the pictures aren’t in the system, how will I know who they are?

        • Be comfortable enough to say hello, and ask their name!

      • What if they aren’t on the list?

        • Does your lookout know the families well enough to know they should be on the list?

          • If yes, the Lookout can add them to the student’s information if they are an administrator.

          • If no, ask that car to pull forward to a pull-off spot, get their ID, and go to the office to sign the student out. The decision will be placed on the school secretary to approve the student leaving with that individual or not if they are not in our system.

  • The students’ names and slot number (loading zone) will appear on the Announcer Screen inside the school.

    • Some schools have all of the students in one location, while others have them in classrooms.

  • The school should have an area to group the students in batches or the number of cars they can load at one time. This should be at the exit.

    • Send the students out 1 batch at a time.

      • What happens if a student isn’t in their spot when it is time to load their batch?

        • Ask the driver to pull forward out of the way. This allows us to get the students safely to their car without holding up the rest of the traffic.

  • The Usher will make sure the students are in their cars safely and select that they have left.

Wrap up

We are so excited for you to join our community! We will be with you every step of the way. Let’s make sure you are ready for your next steps:

  • Have Contract Signed and payment sent

  • Get your student data in an excel form,, and send it to us

  • Get your calendar out, and let’s talk dates

    • Start Date

    • Training

      • All Staff

      • Facilitators

      • Admin

    • Communication

      • Staff

      • Parents

  • Verify student data in our system

  • Get driver IDs in the hands of your drivers

  • Get your staff pumped up for Pickup!