When Teachers Need to Print Driver Tags
    Log into Pickup as with admin rights. A pickup administrator will have to create you an account with these rights.
    Find your students on your classroom roster. You can do this 2 ways.
      Use the search menu on the left navigation bar. Type in the students' names one at a time.
      Click Students on the left navigation bar and find your student in the list. They are listed alphabetically.
left navigation bar
3. Click on your student's name to bring up their page.
4. You will see a list of drivers on each student's page. For the quickest way to open each driver use this shortcut: On a Mac, press the command button and click each driver. On a PC, click the control button and click on each driver. This will open the drivers in multiple tabs.
5. Once the driver tabs are there, click on one of the driver tabs.
Driver Tab
6. On the top right of the screen, you will see a drop-down menu that looks like 3 dots. Click that menu.
Driver Dropdown Menu
7. Select Print Driver tag.
Print option.
Note: You will notice that there is no student name on this paper. We did this for security reasons. Please organize the drivers for each student by paper clipping them together with the student's name on a post-it so you know how to send it home.
Repeat steps 5-7 until each driver is printed for that 1 student.
Repeat steps 1-7 for each student until your roster is complete.
Send the driver tags home with the student and let the parents know to look for them in their go-home folder. It is important for them to have them. If a driver doesn't have their tag, see this help page: https://help.pickupapp.io/setup/search-feature
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