Add a driver to a student
There are many times that kids need to be picked up by someone who is not on the list. How do you get that information in our system? When you receive a note or a phone call from a parent telling you that their child will be picked up by a new driver, we want to ensure that information is
Once you have logged in the system:
    Select Students in the left sidebar navigation.
    Click on the student’s name you need to make a change to.
    Click the blue Add driver button in the top right corner.
If the driver is already in the system because they drive for another student, you may search their name in the top box.
    Select which Access your driver needs.
Driver Access:
Full Access: These drivers will be able to view the student’s past pickups, and they will be able to submit requests to add/remove other drivers for the student. They are typically the primary caregivers.
Limited Access: These drivers can only pick up the student, they will not have access to any other data. They are the extra drivers who do not need student data information but need to pick up the student
    Click Add existing driver.
If the driver is new to our system fill out the form:
      Full Name
      Upload a picture
      Select Access. – See above for descriptions.
    Select Add new driver.
As soon as the driver is added, they are allowed to pick up the student. You can print their driver tag from our system. See Print Driver Tags for help.
Alice Pohling's Driver Tag
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