Add a student to an existing driver
Carpooling is a great thing! If a parent calls and tells you that their student will be carpooling with the Smith family, you will need to add that student to the Smith Driver.
Once you log in the system:
    Select Drivers on the left sidebar navigation.
      Click on the driver you would like to add the student to. For our example, we will use Sally Smith.
    Click on the blue Add Student button.
      Search for the student who will be carpooling with the Smith Family.
    Once you have selected the student, select the Access.
      Limited access drivers can only pick up students. Full access drivers can also add and remove other drivers, and view past pickups. Full access is usually reserved for parents and primary caretakers.
    Click Add student
Sally’s Driver page
Search for Roger in the students who are already there
Sally Smith is now a driver for Roger Mops
Now, the student, Roger Mops, will be able to carpool with Sally Smith.
Last modified 1yr ago
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