Lanes with Slots and Batches

Slots and Batches and Lanes, OH MY!

Lanes are the rows where drivers can drive their cars to pick up the students. Some schools have 1 big lane where all drivers pull in to pickup students. Some schools divide drivers for upper elementary and lower elementary students. Some schools have a front pickup lane and a back pickup lane.

Lanes can be configured in the Lanes section in the left navigation bar.

You can add a new lane by clicking the blue New lane button in the top right of the screen.

You can name the lane and determine the number of slots.

Lane configuration
A new lane was created

Lanes do not need to be the same number of slots. You can edit the name and the number of slots by pressing the edit button.

Slots are the spots where the student will meet the driver to get in the car. Some may refer to them as a ‘loading zone’.

In most schools, slots are labeled with a color or a number. The driver is told to pull forward to a slot where the student will meet them and get in the vehicle. Your school’s number of ‘loading spaces’ will determine the number of slots your school will have. For example, if your school has 6 loading spaces, you will have 6 slots.

In our app, the slots go in order that the driver arrives. When the lookout enters the driver in, it will place the student and car in order to meet in slots 1-6. When the seventh driver arrives, the slot will begin again at 1 for the next group of drivers.

Batches are the groups of drivers and students that will be loaded at the same time. Batches are used for organizing; making sure your students go their slot at the right time. This is based on the number of slots that your school has. If your school has 6 slots that can load at one time, your batch will be a group of 6 students.

Batches allow for a very fluid loading experience. For example, if your school has six slots, only six students can be loaded in their cars at one time. However, during all of the dismissal time, there will be many students called to slots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. Batches, or ‘loading groups’, help visually group those students according to where their driver is in the carline. This helps administrators and carpool workers organize the students quickly and safely.

Slots are shown on the Usher screen when the students are called.

Usher Screen

The Usher can see the driver, students, and what slot to guide them to.

If you have more than one Usher, you can filter the slots. If you have an Usher for every slot, that Usher can filter to only see the students coming to that slot. In this example, I have two filters set to only see slots 1 and 2.

The purple filter button at the bottom allows me to see how many slots I have it filtered to. In my example above, there is a 2 on the purple filter button. You can reset your filters by clicking on the purple filter button.