Search Feature

What happens when someone pulls up to your school and they do not have their Driver Tag? With Pickup, you can simply search for the student, or ask the driver for their ID and search their name in our

You can get to the search bar in the web browser on your phone or on your desktop.

If you are a lookout, you are likely using your mobile device during dismissal. So, let's talk about that first. In order to search, you must get out of the Lookout app, and go to in your web browser. Look to the top right of your page, click Menu. You will see the search bar come up.

Search Bar is highlighted
Let's search for Anna.
Search results give Students and Drivers

If you are a Lookout and need to enter in the driver code, simply click on the blue driver’s name. This will bring you to the driver page. Click on the driver’s menu. Select Quick lookout entry. This will call the driver as if you had scanned their QR code or entered their Driver code.

Driver menu is in the top right.

If you are on the desktop, the search bar is in the left sidebar navigation. Type out who you are searching for. It will search for both drivers and students.