Celebrating Diversity
Black History Month
At Pickup, we value diversity. I, Miranda, have given multiple talks at Railsbridge Triangle. My topic started as "Diversity in Technology" but as I started to speak, it quickly morphed into "Diversity in Our Life."
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As I was doing the research for one of my talks, I came across a staggering statistic:
“Having at least one black teacher in third through fifth grades reduced a black student’s probability of dropping out of school by 29 percent, the study found. For very low-income black boys, the results are even greater – their chance of dropping out fell 39 percent.” Johns Hopkins University
WOW!!! We need to do more about this! We need to doing everything we can to get more diversity in our schools. We need to be doing everything we can to get more diversity with teaching! This is super important, but we also need to be doing more to get diversity in our lives.
Take a minute and think about your favorite music. Got it in your mind? Great! Now think about if music only came from a single type of person. Would you have your favorite music now? Most likely not. In our house, we listen to music ranging from bluegrass to hip hop to heavy metal. There really isn't a type of music that we don't enjoy. I try to think about the diversity that I love when it comes to trying to get more people involved with my life.
So, why do we need more diversity at our tables in life? I found that it came down to three things for me.
    Problem Solving
We get a broader viewpoint when we bring diversity to the table. We build our ideas based on our perspective of life. Each person has a different design to build out. Wouldn't it make sense to see all designs before deciding what fits the need? Or even better, combine multiple ideas to make the best idea come together.
We all have solutions, wouldn't it better to see a variety? Solutions are how we problem solve. I always say that if you complain about a problem, it won't get solved, but if you bring a solution instead of complaining, things get done. I want to hear all types of solutions when solving any problem.
Working together is a beautiful thing. We all play a part when working together. I encourage you to always invite others to see their perspective, hear their solutions, and work together hand in hand with them.
So, as we celebrate Black History Month, let's think to ourselves about what we can do about getting more diversity in our lives. It starts with us. Let's make that impact together!
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