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Too much technology?
Are we tech exhausted in schools?
During this pandemic, I think it has been shown how much technology we use. At first, I was overwhelmed. Then I started to think, when is technology necessary? Do we use too much? Do we use it enough? What are the pros and cons? And honestly, I came up with this... "Technology is amazing and powerful. These days, I will use almost anything that will make tasks flow and easier for me."
If you are like me, you have a kid at home doing his school via google, zoom, canvas, etc. He is submitting assignments using an iPad and Chromebook. He is learning to type and the QWERTY alphabet as much as he is learning his ABCs. This is a little scary at first, but now, we are in a rhythm and it flows. I could not survive without these tools in a virtual school environment. There is no doubt that this transition from in-person to virtual has been difficult on all sides. But, once we learned our tools, how to use them, how to manipulate them, and use them to the best of our abilities, virtual learning went so much smoother.

So, what about when school is back to normal and in session?

Personally, I think we need more tools in our toolbelt to make things go smoothly. Schools can either work like a well-oiled machine with policies and procedures, or it can be a dysfunctioning machine held together by amazing people who don't have a rhythm.
We can all agree that the people who work in schools are amazing. They are giving their best to our littles every day. We are certainly happy to have them. However, that's another post for another day.
If a tool (technology) makes any job in the school work smoother and more efficient, then by all means we need it. We need to lift and support all of our school staff with tools. We should certainly equip them with the tools they need to make their jobs easier, but we should also make sure that our school staff doesn't have tech exhaustion. This happens when we just throw a bunch of tools at them with no rhyme or reason. Tech exhaustion in schools happens when there is no training or people don't feel comfortable with the tools they are using. Schools need to provide tools and training for jobs to run smoother, eliminating tech exhaustion, and boosting job happiness.
Training is almost always required for tools and technology! Make sure you set them up for success with their tools. They need to feel confident and comfortable.
We all want job happiness. There is an amazing sense of reward in working for schools. Honestly, you can't work in a school system without job satisfaction, you will burn out (but again... another post for another day). You have heard me say 1,000 times, we need to finish strong! Well, using technology during dismissal truly makes that happen. Using Pickup as a tool will help your dismissal staff flow into dismissal, organize students and drivers, and feel confident about the day's end.

Having efficient tools will make jobs flow, invigorate job happiness, and encourage your staff to feel good about their project every single time. Schools just need to make sure their users feel confident with great training.

Last modified 8mo ago