Pickup Help Here
The person who make sure the students are safely in the car.
Once the students are outside, they will meet the Usher. This person makes sure each child is safely in their car. On the Usher screen, they check the students’ name and select Picked Up. This leaves a timestamp of who picked up each child.
The Usher screen provides the driver name, the slot where the students meet the drivers, and the student's name.
Usher for just 1 lane
Usher with multiple lanes
If there is more than one Usher, there is a filter feature.
There are 3 filters
The filter feature is the purple icon on the bottom right of the Usher screen. Press the icon and you will get a list of slots that you would like to filter. Select the slots you would like to see, then click done. Your screen will only show you the slots you have selected, as well as a number above the filter icon telling you how many slots you can see.
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