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We have a new app in the Apple iOS app store just for our Lookouts!
Download our Lookout App by clicking the link below:
The Lookout is the individual who goes outside of your schools to greet the drivers who have arrived. They start at the beginning of your carline and scan the driver tag.
Here is a driver tag that the driver will have in the window:
Driver Tag
The Lookout will greet the driver then scan the QR code or enter the Driver Code. An image of the driver and a list of students they can pick up shows on the screen. The Lookout will ask the driver which students they are picking up today. Then the Lookout will select the students and click Done. A message will appear telling the Lookout that the students have been called.
The view when the QR is scanned
The Lookout selects the students.
If a driver comes through and tries to pick up students who have already been picked up, they will not be able to select the students. Here is an example of what it looks like for a Lookout to enter in a Driver code and the students that driver is allowed to pick up have left.
Limited Access
Full Access
This happens when there is a communication gap between parents or carpooling families. If the driver has Full Access, the Lookout will be able to tell that driver who has picked up the student. If they only have Limited Access, it just tells them that the student was picked up. In the example above, Logan Masters has Full Access with Hailey Masters, but he only has Limited Access to Nick Masters. That is the reason there is no information in his box. Lookouts should not share information if the driver only has Limited Access.
Lookouts can also input different lanes if the lanes feature has been implemented.
There is a Reset slots button on the Lookout screen. This button is used when you need to start the cars over at the first slot. This can be useful when drivers have gotten out of order, or when the last few drivers show up after a time gap. You will receive a flash message to let you know that you have reset your slots.
Reset Slots
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