Teachers and Staff who are with the students during dismissal

The Announcer screen has a lot of information on it. It is our main communication tool inside the school building. Students and teachers will see the students’ names, slot numbers, and batches. Let’s break down that vocabulary and show you everything you need to know about the announcer screen.

As drivers arrive, the Lookout scans the Driver tag. Once the students have been selected, they are called on the announcer screen. This screen tells the students which slot number and batch they are in.

The Lookout automatically puts the students’ names in order that the drivers have pulled up. The teachers will put the students in the batches or ‘loading groups’. Once they have been batched, you can send them out in groups, and your loading process will go much faster and smoother.

There are many times that a student is missing from a batch. Maybe they forgot their coat, homework, or they are in the bathroom. We recommend asking the car to pull forward if you see you are missing a student from a batch. This way it does not stop the flow of traffic, and that car can wait for the student safely.

Once the Usher has checked the students who have been picked up, their names will disappear from the announcer screen. Once all of a batch has left, the batch will no longer appear on the screen. If a student does not make it to a car while that batch is being loaded, that student’s name and batch will stay on the screen until they are in the car safely.

We have a new Lane Feature! The announcer screen also shows lanes now.

Announcer Screen Showing Multiple Lanes

If you do not need to see all lanes, you can filter your view using the purple filter button on the bottom right part of the screen. You can choose which lane(s) you need to see. This is helpful if your school uses lanes for certain grade levels such as upper elementary, lower elementary, or middle school students.

Filter button showcased

The number on the filter button allows you to see how many lanes you have chosen to see on your screen. Below, I have chosen to only view the front lane. So, I have 1 lane showing on my filter.

Filtered Announcer Screen